These are some of the services I provide. If you have other needs or ideas, feel free to drop me a line at .
I'm sure we'll work something out.

Web Copywriting

Do you want to make more sales? Get more matches with your ideal customers? Great web content, including sales copy, is the ultimate tool to do just that.

Cutting through the digital noise or analyzing and changing the behavior of your target audience isn't a walk in the park. Especially when now more than ever you check out what others have to tell about your software and its alternatives before you click add to cart.

Fortunately, you want to deliver the best solutions and products to your clients. The crucial thing you need is a persuasive, credible, tailor-made and customer-centered story that will capture your organization's spirit and generate leads.

I'd love to share what I know and create the best copy I can just for you. That way you can focus your attention on developing new products and services and not worry about your sales cycle. Let's and figure out the best way to do this.

Content Copywriting

Do you want to get new clients? Do you want to draw more visitors your website? Or maybe you'd like your content marketing to spur more buzz?

The rules of effective SEO now require that you provide an informative and engaging copy in order to move your position in the search results higher.

Great articles and blog posts will help your users find the best solutions to their problems and will build your reputation, credibility and status.

They will also build lasting and active relationships with your customers and improve your conversion rates with effective calls to action.

Let yourself be found. Let your users explore technology with you. How about we and you tell me what you want to achieve. I'll make it happen for you.

Reports, White Papers, Case Studies

Wanna close the deal with your prospect? Or raise your profile in your business environment? Reports, white papers and case studies are the best tools to achieve that.

Your reports must include rock-solid facts presented in a clear way, but also be an inspiring narrative. Such a compelling document will deliver leads and generate sales.

I love gathering, checking and analyzing information. And I also have a journalistic drive to get to the bottom of a given problem.

These two qualities are necessary to create a credible and powerful document that will give you the edge you need.

Therefore, you can be sure I'll take care of your needs and create a compelling, objective and impeccably researched report. You can focus on targeting your prospects while I deliver you the ultimate tool to close the deal.

So, and wait a moment - I'll present you with a piece that will get you that client you want.

Culture & Education Articles

I bet you love to just sit and wonder about the world from time to time.

The universe is fascinating and full of mysteries.

Did you know that 99% of matter is just empty space inside and between atoms and if you removed this space all of humanity could fit inside a ping-pong ball?

Or that Arthur Conan Doyle believed that Harry Houdini had supernatural powers even though Houdini showed Doyle how he performed his tricks?

It blows my mind.

I always seek out new and exciting information and my head's full of ideas all the time. That's why I'm able to provide you with tons of material.

I know you want to infect people with wonder. I want it too. So why don't we and then do it together?


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Mr. Bartosz Makuch provided us with high-quality texts which reached more than 700 thousand of our members.
He is a dedicated and hard-working person, open to constructive criticism and fully capable of working under pressure.
His work ensured very good results on our Campaigns.

Emily Mulligan, Avaaz Foundation.


Software Web Copy

calibre - About - Features

calibre blog

calibre is a powerful and easy-to-use e-book manager. Users say it’s outstanding and a must-have. It’ll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software. It’s also completely free and open source, and great for both casual users and computer experts.

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calibre - Help

calibre blog

calibre is intuitive, but also very powerful. To quickly start using it, get the most out of it or get assistance and tips, you can check out:

  • The Grand Tour introductory video that will show you how to set up calibre and what its main features are.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list that will help you resolve common issues.
  • The Blog that has some easy-to-follow walktroughs from a layman’s perspective.
  • The comprehensive User Manual that will show you how to do almost anything in calibre.
  • And finally, a forum where you can ask any question you might have and get answers.

You can also check out calibre’s Facebook and twitter pages to connect with other users.

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Software Articles

Is calibre Safe? All You Need to Know

calibre blog On facebook alone: 135+ likes, reached 10,000+ people in less than two weeks

Broken passwords, leaked photos, stolen credit card numbers. Have you been affected by at least one of these crimes? I bet you did, even if you didn’t realize that. You and I both give out our private information like it’s candy. And then we must trust this data stays safe. But – as you probably heard – it doesn’t. Just this year we learned that personal information of 1 billion users of Yahoo!, 165 million users of LinkedIn and 68 million users of Dropbox were compromised. And just two years ago, we’ve seen an enormous leak of Sony Pictures correspondence and files.
Personal data is stolen by hackers in large numbers.

As we stay online, day and night, we also encounter bad and malicious websites and software. Programs that can steal directly from our devices. It’s not unusual that you wonder if calibre is safe.

Calibre is one of the most popular eBook library managers. It’s used on more than 3 million devices and is widely recommended online. Most avid eReader users have heard the name “calibre”. It’s free, it’s powerful and it’s easy to use. But what makes calibre safe? Let’s break it down.

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Managing Your Kindle Library Is Easy With calibre

calibre blog On facebook alone: 315+ likes, reached 16,000+ people in less than 7 days

Are you tired of spending so much time looking for your eBooks on an ugly Amazon page? Did you download an eBook from another website, but it’s an epub and you can’t easily send it to your Kindle? Well, let me help you with that.

Kindle devices are incredibly popular and sometimes they’re used to back up arguments that paperbacks are dead. You can fill them with eBooks in an impressive pace. eBooks are everywhere: on Amazon and in hundreds of other stores, you can also find millions of free ones online. When you do, you might find it hard to get them on your device. Kindles are very particular when it comes to file formats.

There’s this powerful tool called calibre. It can manage all your eBooks, no matter where they came from and help you select the ones that will get on your device. With it, you can track which books you read and which ones you liked. It can download covers and metadata or compile a series of novels. It can also convert books from one format to another and even make your personal documents into eBooks. Kindle applications just don’t measure up to what calibre is capable of.

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How to Backup, Move and Export Your Library in Calibre

calibre blog

Have you ever lost your files? Crashing hard drives and accidental deletions teach us that there are two kinds of people: those who backup their files and those that will start to backup their files. Thankfully, calibre comes with tools to do just that – quickly and easily. That way you won’t lose your collection the next time your laptop crashes.

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Software Manuals

IrfanView: Quick Start Guide


So, you decided to try out the IrfanView image viewer and editor. You know it’s fast, intuitive, and powerful. Now, let’s dive in and break down the most basic features.

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History Articles

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Blind Spiritualist

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (born on the 22nd of May 1859, died on the 7th of July 1930), an acclaimed author of the Sherlock Holmes novels, had an unexpected side to him. This devotee of logic, fact, and deduction became so incredulous of his beliefs, it’s hard to grasp.

His story is that of human pertinacity and fighting a losing war to protect what you found to be your meaning of life. It’s about losing what you believe in most because of your devotion.

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History of Meditation

It seems today that everyone meditates. The most popular form of meditation is mindfulness.

Apart from being beneficial to your health and performance, it is also strongly associated with the Orient. But – what’s less known – this form of meditation is much more Western than it seems.

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Lifestyle & Health Articles

How Mindfulness Affects Your Mind and Body

Can sitting, doing nothing, for 10 minutes a day change your mind and body? Yes, it can.

Mindfulness meditation is an increasingly popular thing. For a few years now CEOs, celebrities and our friends talk about it, telling us how much it helped them. And it’s true: just being in the present moment is truly a powerful tool. Meditation induces in us not only psychological but also biological changes.

But this new social movement also has a dark side. Billions of dollars to be made on people seeking a bit of peace or a way to deal with stress or depression transformed this movement into a market of its own. In some cases, it even provided a way to kill people more effectively.

Buddhists are said to be statistically among the happiest and most peaceful people on the planet. So what does uprooting meditation from its ethical core change? Let’s find out.

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  • To ensure you achieve your goals. I love to help people and I get a lot of satisfaction when people I work with use my help to be successful. That's what got me into freelancing in the first place. Your needs and goals will start our journey to reach them.
  • To help build and keep a strong relationship with your audience and customer base. Thanks to years of experience of working with non-profits I'm able to use their techniques to help you with the current changing sales models. Your clients will know you offer them the best solutions possible and will remain loyal. You will get more new premium subscribers. We just need to efficiently show them the value you add to their lives.
  • To increase your visibility. My Physics studies made me hungry for good stories and taught me how to explain complicated matters in a clear and crisp way. That's why your communications will do much better in Google. Search engines now value quality content and that's what you'll get.
  • To effectively transfer knowledge. As you well know, it can be pretty hard to talk with tech staff if you're not an expert yourself. And if you're a prospective customer, you might leave the sales page if you understand but half of the text. Great writing will smooth out your sales cycle, as you will put out content that speaks to your consumers.

Send me a message at and we'll work out the details in no time.

Hi! I'm Bartosz Makuch, your new copywriter.

Let's get to know each other a little better, shall we?

I have seen the light and found my calling: harnessing the power of words allows writers to spread the infection of fascination and wonder. I found out that words change the world. And I wrote ever since. I wrote for professional and general interest magazines. I wrote and translated non-fiction and fiction, fundraising copy, marketing copy and technical copy - just to name a few.

With time, I also discovered the joy of helping people and was drawn to charitable work. That's why I worked primarily with international NGOs big and small, such as Avaaz or the Community of the Cross of Nailsboth as a writer and translator, but also on managerial positions. But living in a digital world I noticed that communication on everything STEM-related could really use some love. I love to teach, so I jumped right in.

I’m a passionate person who loves to explore new horizons and then write about it. I studied Physics, Management and Theology. When I'm not making my keyboard spark, I travel, listen to old rock tunes and read everything that comes my way. My current personal project is running the magazine.
Anyhoo, you should know I'm a Trekkie. Han Solo has no chance with Riker.

My personality's INFP, or the Mediator. I'm someone who wants to tell stories that resonate with others. And I have 10 years of experience in doing exactly that. I want to do what I can to help you make your vision a reality.

Now's . Tell me a bit about yourself and what you want to achieve.

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